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Propaganda in Foreign Policy essays

Propaganda in Foreign Policy essays Propaganda is a major political tool used by the United States, especially in its foreign policy. Politics on a global scale can be defined as the competition, which occurs among nations, due to the scarcity of the worlds resources. The political agenda of a nations foreign policy governs which resources for which it will compete through various political means. Propaganda, as a tool to advance ones political agenda, is the filtering and manipulation of information to guide a populaces decision making ability towards the propogandizers proposed end. The people are not exposed to all the information and therefore are not choosing one or the other but between one and one. If a political tool is any means used to gain leverage in a competition, then propaganda as a political tool would create an arena in which a person could only be in support of the propogandizers agenda because they are unaware of the political agenda of the competitor. Immediately after WWII ended, Germany became a potential global resource politically and economically for the allied forces of Germanys occupation, especially the United States and the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). For the United States, Germany presented as a potential political ally in Europe as well as a now desperate market for a variety of products, but victory would mean little if political and economic conditions which had spawned the totalitarian of the 1930s remained in existence (Gaddis 2). The U.S. occupation of Germany and foreign policy towards Germany during this time was motivated by both creating a democratic ally in Europe and opening up a new market for its products. US foreign policy also leads to the first Cold-War confrontation between US and the USSR over the resource of Germany (Hartenian). In addition, the US occupation put the US in the perfect position to utilize propaganda as its main political tool to ...

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Relationship between Shapes, i.e. line towards Wellbeing Essay

Relationship between Shapes, i.e. line towards Wellbeing - Essay Example Minds have shape and so do emotions and these two unseen parts of human being are themselves shaped by knowledge and experience so that it makes sense to ponder that while shapes widely exist in several regions of the earth and universe, it would bear less to acknowledge them apart from the essence of relations. In the field of art, shape proves to be an essential component that constitutes any piece of creation with a defined boundary. Its non-static property allows it to establish dynamic and flexible connection with other visual elements such as lines, curves, texture, and color (Definition of Shape – Art History Glossary). If not, how is it possible to imagine random lines or figures spread in space toward shapeless construction? Whether something is identified as regular or irregular, there certainly is a sensible ground of opting to view and feel what proceeds as definite rather than to dwell at the sight and thought of absence in dimensions which is as good as non-existence. Dealing with shapes means evolving with them in several aspects of life for they embody both the origin and shadow of form in everything at all times. Mathematicians have been able to synthesize concepts through Euclidian geometry, discovery of conic sections, and other relevant areas which to this point are of huge advantage due to man’s fundamental learning of shapes. Likewise, it has sparked the interest of humanity to examine graphical theories in order to grasp the symmetry and orientations that extend their significance to musical dimension where the shape of rhythm is comparable to a curvilinear flow that sculpts and refines manner of appreciative listening. Thinkers and composers can be naturally observed to have become unified by virtue of artistry in the process of shaping symphonic orchestration, literary endeavor of writing

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Inferential Statistics (m4c) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Inferential Statistics (m4c) - Essay Example Therefore, identification of the population among whom the new and the current combination of drugs are to be compared is necessary. Let the population thus selected be the adult and adolescent population in the United States. There are literature considering differential effectiveness of highly active antiretroviral therapy among patients of different gender and race. (King et al., 2008; Campo, Alvarez, Santos, & Latorre, 2005). However, part of the difference may be attributed to availability of the drug, following the prescribed regimen and lifestyle, rather than any inherent difference in genetic composition. Nevertheless, it will be a good policy at the initial stage to limit the experiment among adult and adolescent Caucasian males to protect against possible confounding effects. Once the population is identified, a sample of specific size needs to be selected. The sample size will depend on the power of the testing procedure, which is outside of the purview of the present consideration. Current guidelines recommend start of antiretroviral therapy when the disease has progressed to WHO Stage III when CD4 cell count is less than 350/ÃŽ ¼l. This may be taken to be the baseline criterion for inclusion. Also, the standard guidelines for adherence to the protocol, testing for baseline resistance etc must be satisfied to be included in the drug testing. Any one of these regimens needs to be chosen for the new drug to be compared against. Ideally this experiment would be a matched case-control study. Two HIV/AIDS patients with very similar profiles with respect to advancement of disease, CD4 cell counts, age, sexual orientation and other possible factors that may have bearings on the disease are to be randomly assigned either to the cocktail drug regimen or to the new drug regimen. However, there may be ethical consideration to such assignment. Without informed

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The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell Essay Example for Free

The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell Essay In the Road to Wigan Pier Orwell explained how the English class-system works. He purported that in Britain it isnt possible to determine the class of a person by simply looking at his income. The things that make up a middle-class person are his behavior, birth and profession. To describe fully the concept of middle class, Orwell, in Part One, set out to report, in a detailed and vivid manner, on working class life in the bleak industrial heartlands of the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire. In the seven chapters of Part One Orwell was able to describe the life of miners and conditions down a coal mine. Orwell described how he went down a coal mine to observe proceedings and he explained how the coal is distributed, and that the working conditions are very poor. He described the housing shortage in the region as the reason why people were satisfied even with substandard housing conditions. In the second part Orwell described his personal idea of socialism. His general idea is that socialism and communism are no longer movements of the working class. The movement is lead by the middle-class, the bourgeoisie. He stated plainly that he himself is in favour of socialism but feels it necessary to point out reasons why many people, who would benefit from socialism, and should logically support it, are in practice likely to be strong opponents. Reasons such as ,class prejudice and machine worship. He points that class prejudice is real and it is visceral. Middle class socialists do themselves no favors by pretending it does not exist and by glorifying the manual worker they tend to alienate that large section of the population which is economically working class but culturally middle class. Orwell finds most socialists guilty machine worship. He himself is suspicious of technological progress for its own sake and thinks it inevitably leads to softness and decadence. He points out that most fictional technically advanced socialist utopia are deadly dull.

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Essay --

Josh Roller Period 6 11/23/13 Professional Athletes are Paid Too Much When the average American envisions a professional athlete, they imagine that athlete to be in a massive mansion, with a garage full of expensive and exotic cars, relaxing in designer clothes and spending the day pondering what they could spend their money on. Their lives are great and even after they retire they remain in the country’s spotlight and stay wealthy beyond all belief. Why do professional athletes lead such a good life if they do not fulfill any necessary functions within society? Professional athletes make too much money in comparison to hard working professionals who are employed with jobs that are more essential and important for the general population’s survival and effectiveness. These professional athletes are making huge amounts of money that they do not deserve and something needs to be changed to remove this. Athletes make incredibly ridiculous amounts of money, Forbes Magazine lists Tiger Woods, a professional golf player, as the highest paid athlete in the entire world in 2013 (Forbes). Tiger Woods currently has a net worth of over $500 million, on track to be the first billionaire athlete of all time, and he brings in $78 million annually. The vast majority of the money that Tiger Woods receives is not from winning competitions or as a salary, but rather from endorsements. Tiger Woods is an incredibly marketable athlete and has received numerous contracts with many large companies including General Motors, General Mills, American Express and Nike, Inc. Tiger Woods has only been a professional golfer since August of 1996, creating an astronomical fortune in such a short amount of time. Second to Tiger Woods in yearly earnings i... ...ysical toll they put on their bodies in an attempt to be the best. While this may be a compelling argument, no one needs $500 million to live comfortably for an entire lifetime. Not only are these people overcompensated for the time they spend actually competing in their sports, they can easily take jobs after their short career in sports. Nothing stops these athletes from making a living off of another job after their athletic career is over. These athletes have no true reason to the necessity of them earning so much money. While much of the world loves to watch their favorite sport, they do not approve of how much that they have to pay to do so. These people have demanding and important jobs, but receive no where near as much money as the athletes they watch do. Professional athletes should not get as much money as they currently are in this flawed system.

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Fraud and Highest Embezzlement Case

Embezzlement: Attempting to Find the Easy Way Out Name School Envy and greed has existed since the beginning of time. Maybe we are born with those traits or maybe we are taught through life’s lessons. The rich are perceived as having a carefree un-stress-filled life. The reality shows and news stories of the wealthy buying yachts, taking lavish vacations with their Barbie doll mate, summer homes that are actually castles and extravagant parties. The rest of the world seems to be the servants of the wealthy. How can society not be envious or greedy to obtain what the few have in their life?Part of society is happy with their position in life; just being able to pay the bills, and take care of their family is what drives them. However, the other part of society wonder, â€Å"How have some individuals been gifted with monetary wealth? †, and their resentment builds. The â€Å"Get Rich† schemes are created. The individuals trying to make the quick buck will pressure their friends and family into buying the Mary Kay, Tupperware, or lending money to place bets on Sport games or a gambling weekend at the casino. All this under the assumption that they will make a great deal of money, and earn the respect of the wealthy elite.The most well know form of money schemes is embezzlement. An understanding definition of embezzlement comes from Global Legal Resources; it states: Embezzlement is a criminal offense which involves the fraudulent and secret misappropriation of money or assets by an agent to who the property has been entrusted. This occurs when a person obtains possession of the goods or money in legal, proper manner, but then appropriates them for his/her use without the rightful owner’s permission. Six (6) cases of embezzlement stand out in Modern day History.The first case is about Yasuyoshi Kato in 1997 who managed to steal $132 million from Day-Lee Foods, Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, California. At the time, Yasuyoshi was the Chief Fin ancial Offer of Day-Lee Foods. He managed to keep the game up for six (6) years by fraud and forged checks. Yasuyoshi, a Japanese citizen, wrote checks to himself and his wife, from the various companies’ accounts over the six (6) years. He even was so arrogant that he took out bank loans under the company’s name and manipulated the accounting books to cover the theft. Yasuyoshi bought umerous luxury homes, a citrus ranch, premium vehicles, unstable business ventures that failed, jewelry and extraordinary animals. He blamed his wife in court on the reasoning on why he performed the embezzlement. Stating she was always unsatisfied. Yasuyoshi was even so ignorant that when he was asked where the money was coming from, he stated he was a secret inventor of Nintendo. In 1997, Yasuyoshi Kato plead guilty to six felony counts. They ranged from mail fraud (Statute 18 U. S. C. Section 1341) to wire fraud (Statute 18 U. S. C. Section 1343).In the end, he was sentenced to 63 mon ths in a federal state prison and an additional five years of probation. This was the maximum sentencing at this time. (Marquet, 2010) The second largest case of embezzlement was Gilbert Beesmyer of Guarantee Building & Loan Association of Hollywood, California. He was found guilty in December of 1930 (Statute 18 U. S. C. Section 981), and length of the fraud is unknown but assumed to be less than one year. Beesemyer was able to steal the equivalent of $100 million in 2010 dollars using his position within the company as the founder, general secretary and manager.The Guarantee Building and Loan Association went broke because of Beesemyer’s actions. He stole the money in form of overdraft penalties, and repeatedly stated he planned to repay the money. Even though he was sentenced to 10 to 100 years to the San Quentin prison, he was released under parole in 1940. The community that had invested in Beesemyer’s bank was destroyed. Businesses failed, 2,500 families went bro ke, individuals went to asylums and thirty committed suicide. In the end, Beesemyer was able to live his life out to the fullest at age 97 in Baltimore Maryland. Marquet, 2010) Ricardo Carrasco, a Uruguayan national, was able to embezzle $97. 7 million from the BankBoston Corp located in Boston Massachusetts. As the same as the Beesemyer’s case, officials were unable to determine the length of the fraud. He was uncovered in 1998 at the age of 41. Yet, Carrasco suspected that the bank officials finally caught on to him, so he went into hiding. Carrasco started his association with the BankBoston Corp in 1977 at the Uruguayan branch. In 1998, the bank transferred him the Boston location. Carrasco executed fraudulent loans to an Oldemar Laborda in Argentina.Oldemar Laborda has been known for having a highly suspicious past. The FDIC ordered Carrasco to repay $73 million. The bank wrote off $66 million and even offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. But t o this day, he remains a fugitive. (Marquet, 2010) The Chief Operating Officer of Tenens Corp. , dba Essex Street Associates of Beverly Massachusetts embezzled for seven years the amount of $72. 3 million. John Doorly started with the company as a clerk, and with hard work, was able to rise to the CFO position. The clients trusted him, the company trusted him.In the seven years, he transferred assets from the clients trust accounts to his own personal accounts. Doorly established personal credit cards that the company unknowing paid for. He even overcharged clients in the excess of $61 million for his services and so-called expenses on over-seeing their accounts. Doorly spent the money on gifts for his wife and mistress, and apartment for his son, vehicles, travel, airplanes and numerous failed business ventures. He forged the statements that were mailed to the clients, and even went as far as to deceive the outside auditors.Doorly’s new assistant, Kim Borans, was the one who found irregularities in the accounts. She immediately went to one of the officers of Tenens Corp to report her findings and suspicion of embezzlement. Doorly was fired and a forensic internal audit was conducted of his accounts. On March 201, Doorly was sentenced to 17-1/2 years to a federal prison. (Marquet, 2010) The fifth highest embezzlement case is Ausuf Umar Siddiqui, the vice president of Merchandising and Operations of Fry’s Electronics located in San Jose, California. He pled guilty of vendor fraud and kickbacks in the theft of $69 million.The scheme began in January 2005 and ended when he was finally caught in November 2008. Siddiqui had a base salary of $225,000 a year and was the supervisor of 120 employees in purchasing department. His department was responsible for purchasing merchandise on all Fry’s 34 locations. Siddiqui even went as far is to set-up a dummy vendor where he could embezzle the money. He stole the money to satisfy his gambling habit and the need to live the high life. At the time Siddiqui was caught he was being sued by three casinos, Planet Hollywood, Palms Casino and Trump Taj Mahal, for outstanding debt on gambling.Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas reported that he gambled $17. 9 million dollars with them alone. An investigation showed that his gambling debt over a ten-year period is approximately $167 million. (Marquet, 2010) A case the hits close to home is the Koss Corporation. Sjuata Sachdeva was the Chief Financial Officer of Koss Corporation located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She began her career with the company as a temporary worker, and within one year was promoted to vice president of finance. Over a span of twelve years, Sachdeva was able to embezzle $40. million by fraudulent funds transfers. She approved at least 204 wire transfers of funds from the company bank accounts to her personal American Express credit card. Also, Sachdeva issued more than 500 cashier’s checks from the company†™s accounts to pay for personal lavish expenses. On top of this, she informed other Koss employees to make fraudulent entries into the company’s books to conceal her theft. The theft was only caught after American Express notified Koss of unusally high volume of large transactions.Sachdeva used her illegally obtained money for a vacation home in Hawaii, a new Mercedes Benz, luxury travel, furs, designer shoes, art and jewelry. She had purchased some many items that she had two storage containers rented in Milwaukee. During the investigation, some luxury stores come forward stating that she had purchased items ans asked the store to hold the item for her until she came and picked it up. However, she never showed up. Sachdeva even had enough nerve to hold various fundraisers to flaunt her wealth in hopes of joining the socialate circle of Milwaukee.The Board of Trustees of Cardinal Stritch University was so impressed with her that she was offered a position to sit on their bo ard. To cover her theft, Sachdeva informed her friends that her husband, a pediatrician, made a couple million a year, and she made only half a million and they both came from wealthy Indian families. On Sachdeva’s sentencing day she made a statement of, â€Å"I stand before you today truly remorseful. You have been my family, my friends, and my co-workers for many years. I know you have been deeply hurt by my dishonesty in ways that I never intended. For eleven years she will sit in prison for her greed and envy. (Marquet, 2010) In every case examined, the US Code that has been violated is Chapter 31: Embezzlement and theft. Twenty-nine Sections of the Code have been created to cover every type of theft from public money, property or records to major theft of livestock. The state sentencing of embezzlement ranges anywhere from 45 months for felonies, six months for misdemeanors or 38 months of probation and including repayment of money and fines.The sentencing is determined by the monetary amount that is stolen. (US Code) The Federal Government oversees accusations of embezzlement for public agencies, banks, US courts, credit agencies and any program that received money from the Federal Government. Yet, Federal punishment is anywhere between two years to 30 years in prison. However, if the dollar amount of the embezzlement is less than $1000, then the sentence will be less than one year with a fine of only $1000. (Embezzlement Cases) People always are caught when it comes to greed and envy.The embezzler’s keep stealing thinking they are good enough to keep getting away with it, or maybe it is the lavish lifestyle that blinds them to the consequences. Why are the not happy with the large amount of salary that they receive as income from their careers? It is always more and more until they sit behind metal bars with nothing but a prison issued jumpsuit and a boyfriend named ‘Butch’. References Country. (n. d. ). Embezzlement Law. Law yers, Attorneys, Law Firms A– Find Legal Information. Retrieved April 20, 2012, from http://www. g. org/embezzlement. html Embezzlement Cases. (n. d. ). Defending your rights in the criminal justice system. Retrieved April 20, 2012, from http://www. defending. com/embezzlement-cases Marquet, C. (n. d. ). The Top 10 Embezzlement Cases in Modern US History. Marquet International. Retrieved April 20, 2012, from www. marquetinternational. com/pdf/top_10_embezzlement_cases_in_us_history. pdf US Code – Chapter 31: Embezzlement and theft. (n. d. ). US Code. Retrieved April 20, 2012, from http://codes. lp. findlaw. com/uscode/18/I/31